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Digital Dentures: A Surprisingly Exciting Presentation Topic

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

While I have given plenty of CE course presentations about full-arch dental implants and guided surgery over the years, I've found that the clinical pathways that lead us to those surgical procedures almost always start with the fundamentals of denture design. Now that we have digitized the lengthy and problem-prone process of denture design and made it a lot more cost-effective and visual along the way, it's not the barrier to ideal surgical solutions that it used to be.

Ideal dentures are your ideal surgical blueprint

Properly designed dentures are two things: 1-never the same for any two patients, and 2-far to time consuming and costly to go about as we were trained in school....just to get to the part that matters...the dental implants. Accelerating through the denture design process, especially simply to have a radiographic template for surgical planning purposes is a must these days. Why spend all the time and money creating a conventional denture your patient doesn't want anyway when they are interested in bigger and better dental implant solutions? Well, in order to have a properly conceived implant plan, the prosthesis needs to be defined first--just like how the blueprints are drawn before the foundation is poured. With Omnismile, the costly, confusing chore that is dentures is a thing of the past. Now any patient with existing dentures that is wanting more for themselves can race through the diagnostic and procedural process with greater efficiency, profitability and confidence than ever before.

Omnismile lets you show your patient their new smile and their implant options all on day one

Upload denture scans and patient smile photos via the File Upload link and you will recieve:

  • Smile-Guided, lifelike denture wax try-ins (Patent-Pending Omnismile Try-In - OTIs)

  • Instructions on how to utilize the modifiable try-ins to achieve ideal, patient-accepted smiles with minimal clinical effort

  • An easy-to-follow process for acquiring CBCT scans that allow for rapid dental implant surgical planning and surgical guide production based on those immediately approved smiles.

More than just quick, effective dentures

Adapting my old-school training to new-school technology has allowed me to rapidly progress through ALL the critical clinical steps and get to the part that matters - the dental implant options - all in the first clinical appointment. The best part is that I don't have to skip any steps to do this....and now neither do you. Complete all of your master impressions, bite registrations and esthetic approvals all on day one, and THEN acquire your CBCT scan to discuss dental implant solutions still on that very first appointment day. Best of all, get all this done with confidence that your patient already likes their new smile and believes in the provider that will make it real for them.

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