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With Omnismile, Anyone Can Go Digital!

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Thanks to the trend towards digital dental diagnostics (i.e. digital xrays, photos, scans, etc.), basically anyone can multiply the power of their local dental clinics with the remote digital planning services like that of Omnismile. No matter where you are on the technology spectrum, there is an Omnismile advantage for you.

Now anyone can master digital denture technology

By simply submitting in digital smile photos and old denture scans (by following our File Upload link ), not only does every denture case become easier, faster, better, and more profitable, the doorway to dental implant treatment opportunities opens up as well. A complex prosthetic dental case always begins and ends with visualizing ideal teeth for each individual patient. Why not start at the fun part. Upload your denture case and show your patient how we build confidence in themselves, the technology and your practice ability all at the same time!

More than dentures

By starting at the finish line, not only are your patients impacted by the immediate smile transformation, your treatment planning is accelerated through all of the hazy questions that cause for patient and provider hesitation in identifying predictable dental implant options to go along with these ideal prosthetic designs. Because we can pre-imbed each Omnismile Try-In (OTI) with the necessary x-ray markers, there is nothing standing in the way of offering surgical solutions at the same time as this 2-appointment digital denture.

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